This is Tataetano


Tataetano is a solo artist, singer-songwriter, guitar player who uses elements of modern alternative rock, synths and electronic beats. Pleasing melodies, soulful, mysterious lyrics with a unique California sound. "The Silent Storm" is Tataetano's debut release. Prior to Tataetano, artist Antonio Palazzo released a full length album and an EP under the artist name Avo. Avo’s first release; "In a World With No Matter" in 2015, was a passion project which led to Avo's second EP "Violet Islands" which released in 2017. Both releases are very dynamic in range. From electronic ambient to heavier, aggressive tracks all the way to fun and light hearted. These releases have a very broad scope of genre influence paired with catchy melodies and interesting instrumentation. Avo’s music was well received throughout its life cycle. Tataetano's debut release is a five song EP which again is a genre blend inspired by the love of music and it's culture. Tataetano hopes to challenge listeners with the subject matter and lyrics as well as please aesthetically with beautiful instrumentation, melody and harmony.


Music/Lyrics:  Antonio Palazzo

Produced by:  Tal Ariel